2D & 3D Shapes in Space!

My students loved learning about the whole “secret world” of 3D shapes! It’s so fun to see their faces change after reviewing all the flat 2D shapes (that some of them have known for years) to the world of 3-Dimensions. ย They all think it’s going to be the same old lesson they have had before and then BOOM! We’re talking about cubes, cylinders, and prisms!

I love teaching this lesson and the kiddos could not be more engaged for the whole thing, from start to finish!

I literally like to start most of my lessons with a song or a dance ๐Ÿ˜‰ So for this lesson, I start by having everyone make a big circle on the meeting rug to sing a song and introduce 3D shapes.

I have a great set of 3D shapes similar to these on Amazon.

I show the shape, we (briefly) talk about if they’ve seen anything this shape before and then pass it in a circle while singing these fabulous little rhymes about each one.

I use these from the fabulous Vanessa Levin of Pre-K Pages. Bless her heart for helping teachers like us with freebies this great!

Next, after I know everyone has a little base knowledge about 3D shapes, we continue the adventure with one of the best math picture books I’ve ever read. It’s called Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes and it’s one of those books that mesmerizes the kids.

The book has an amazing suggestion to give each student in the classroom a copy of the spaceship dashboard while you read the book.

Before I even bring the book out, I tell them we are about to go on a space adventure and that I will need their help to steer the spaceship. Every time I have done this lesson, I get complete buy-in from the whole class. 4 year-olds absolutely cannot resist a good space story!!!!

While reading I love taking a look around to see who knows the shapes already and who is struggling a bit. Either way, they all love love love the book. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last come their turn to design their own spaceship using space (3D) shapes! I pair up the kids by social and academic strengths. One student is the designer of the ship and the other is the builder.

I have enough little trays of blocks for each group and a copy of SpaceshipPlan



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