Circle Time Bulletin Board

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be starting a new school year. As exhausting as it is, isn’t it wonderful that it’s our chance to get all– some– of those ideas you had last year into place??? One of the things  I wanted to improve was my circle time bulletin board. I felt like it was way too crowded and not organized right last year. Well, this year I went overboard and plotted it on InDesign before stapling a thing! Hahaha. I really nerded out on this one.

Look how it turned out! Not an inch of space was wasted! And it looks nice!


One of the things I love best are my number anchor charts! I’d seen ones similar to this on Pinterest, but I didn’t want to have many little pieces on velcro to change and add. Instead, I made some charts that I could print out and write on with dry erase markers.

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