Going on a Number Hunt

I love teaching preschool! The things we get to do are so fun, I sometimes just smile while planning out my lessons. This week, we are having a math review week so I had some real flexibility on what type of activities to do. It’s been a “BEST OF” sort of week. One center is new and after making it up, I can’t believe I didn’t do it at the beginning of the school year. It has everything, sensory beads, bright colored numbers, dot paint, and collaboration.


Students visit my sensory bin– they go a little nutso moving all the beans around because they feel so good moving around between their little fingers. Then, they find a number. They take it out of the bin, identify it, then use a dot paint marker to blot it out on the Number Hunt sheet. This sheet goes up to 20. So, in order to blot out 17 the kiddos would have to find a 1 and a 7.

All you need are some numbers and a material to “hide” them.

When funds and supplies are scarce, you can print and laminate some number cards like the ones in my packet.

Or if you’re lucky enough to have them, use magnetic numbers or foam ones!

Then hide them in a tub. I have a big ‘ol sensory bin from (what must be) the 80’s in my room. So I filled it with some beads I borrowed from my neighbors 😉

The kids LOVE this center. Important management points before setting them loose:

  • Keep the beads (foam, ripped paper, whatever filler you decide to use) inside the tub!
  • Find a number and then mark it only one time and return it to the bin.
    • If they want to mark the number 7 two times, they have to find two different 7s!
  • Make a line and wait your turn to mark the sheet.

Download my mega math packet here!

Play every day!


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